The Voice of Our Community is Powerful, and it's Within YOU...

Central Region stands behind our National Organization as we continue to support those on the front lines that advance our mission and vision.  We stand united as a Sisterhood that is impactful, intentional and seeks measurable outcomes for our communities.

As communicated by the Grand Basileus, "African Americans are impacted daily by an onslaught of challenges that undermine our pursuit of the rights and liberties outlined in our U.S. Constitution.  It can be daunting when one considers the enormity of the issues of blatant racism, gender bias, LGBTQA rights, police brutality, gun violence, access to affordable healthcare, affirmation action gains in higher education challenged, and voting rights violations on the rise, again.  The recent hate rally and violence that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia is yet another indication of the need for us to voice our concerns and be intentional in our actions to condemn hatred and bigotry.  Find your voice.  Establish a point of view on an issue that supports your values, beliefs and experiences.  Be prepared to support this point of view with credible research and data.  Beware of fake news and alternative facts.  Be informed.  But, this is just the beginning to have an impact."

We are asking Central Sorors to continue our actions in seeking these pursuits of rights of our families and communiites.  Now is the time, more than ever, to get INVOLVED.  Social Action Chair, Amber Sellers (, has put together a quick list of  seven ways YOU can get engaged:

  1. Know the names of your community leaders and your local, state, and national legislators.  Follow their statements, how they vote on issues that matter to you, express your pleasure or displeasure by writing and calling often. We must hold them accountable. A letter template is attached (HERE) for Sorors, Philos, and Rhoers to use in order for us to actively engage with our elected officials. Using this template, address each letter appropriately to your local, state and national legislators. 

  2. Educate yourself on issues affecting your community. One size does not fit all when addressing community concerns; The knowledge you gain helps develop a deeper understanding and will make you a viable asset to your community and civic leaders.

  3. Solicit opportunities for collaboration with civic/social service organizations in your community (i.e. NAACP, National Council of Negro Women, League of Women Voters). Utilizing resources from such organizations helps to identify shared advocacy goals and fosters program support.

  4. Join an advisory council or serve as a board of director. Service organizations are always in need of interested individuals to assist in shaping social impact in the community. 

  5. Discuss with your HR Department opportunities to provide staff training on race relations in the workplace.

  6. Sponsor “coffee talks” or small group events with guest speakers with content knowledge on topics of race and systematic oppression.  

  7. Run for office! Whether choosing to run on the local level or beyond, check out these tips when determining if you’re ready to run (HERE)

One Sisterhood ... One Purpose ... One Central!



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