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Our Objective

To use lessons learned in year one of our partnership to better position Be The Match and the five Sigma Gamma Rho Regions to maximize our partnership efforts by increasing field collaboration between our respective organizations.

Our Mission

We save lives through cellular therapy.

More Black Donors Are Needed

  • 22 million registry members, only 4% identify as Black
  • 23% likelihood of finding a matched adult donor
  • Black patients urgently need more donors who share their ethnic background

Win-Win Partnership

FY21 Be The Match Benefits
Sigma Gamma Rho Benefits
1,000 registered Black members
Regional Financial Support
Brand Awareness
Community Recognition
Integration into SGR community
Integration into BTM lifesaving community
Disrupt the disparity / Close the Gap
Aligns with your core value of Greater Service, Greater Progress
Saves More Black Lives
Saves More Black Lives

Our Goal: 200 Registry Members

Equal Outcomes for All

It’s up to us to up the odds. Adding more committed donors who increase diversity of tissue types on the registry helps save more lives.

Greater Service, Greater Progress

Together, We Can Save Black Lives.
Be the Match

            Central Region, 


               The cure for blood cancer is in the hands of ordinary people. One simple action can be the difference that gives a patient hope for the future. We need

               you to be the voices and hands to ensure we are doing what we can to find matches. Discover the many ways you can support the cause.  As a

               community service organization, it is our duty to serve Cancer Patients. 


               Did you know black patients only have a 23% chance of finding a match compared to a 77% chance of finding a match for White patients?


               WILL YOU JOIN ME IN ANSWERING THE CALL...It is easy as 1,2,3! Register online TODAY!


In Greater Service,

Loreal N. Marshall

23rd Central Region Syntaktes (Regional Director)

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